Principle #7

Posted in dessert, life, quotations by jill on September 30, 2010

“What has a beginning has an end.”
– Ohsawa, The Seven Principles of the Infinite Universe

It makes me sad to write this post, as I’m now back in New York and no longer surrounded by the lush and scenic Berkshire Mountains. I left with the sky a sapphire blue, fall leaves with glints of gold and amber, a half-melted vanilla Rice Dream ice cream in hand and with a lot of memories, inspiration, and new friendships. The reality today is a sky of tepid gray, a smokier air and a crazy energy that keeps this city alive. But it’s good to be home.

Going back and forth between country and city is like abandoning a certain flavor for a month and then indulging in a tiny spoonful and letting it melt in your mouth slowly. You can taste every detail; a detail perhaps before you once rushed over. And though it doesn’t have the nectary beauty of a fall’s peak, the city’s spicy edge is endearing in its own way. I’m sure it will be the same when I return to Becket in the future.

Dessert goddess and chef extraordinaire Zara June left me with a goodbye present of macro oatmeal cookies, nestled in a little brown paper box. How sweet is she? Zara also has a wonderful blog I recommend checking out called The Macro Muse and posts her personal recipes.


With that said, I hope all of you try something new today, let it melt slowly, and enjoy.

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