bright lit blue skies

Posted in macrobiotics by jill on September 7, 2010

It just so happened my day off was during one of the most beautiful days so far of summer. Naturally, it made sense to spend every single waking moment outside.

I spent the morning going on a walk and then having a breakfast of porridge, kale, miso, and barley tea.

My minor Bucket List included picking apples during the fall. In the past, there was a small, pomaceous-shaped void in my life. Today I went apple picking at Hilltop Orchards. The only other orchard I’ve been to is Atkins Farm during my collegiate years, but even then I did not have the opportunity to pick apples after foolishly convincing myself that I would go sometime during my four years. Well, this orchard was the perfect time to do so in my life because unlike Atkins Farm, it had hay rides.

Here’s a shot of our to-go macro lunch. The split-pea “curry” was especially delicious.

Al, the tractor driver.

Upon my return, I stored my wares in my room and took a nice little hike to “My Spot” since no one else has claimed to discover it. It’s located next to the railroad tracks and slightly more upstream among nice sturdy rocks. I spent a good few hours reading before heading back for dinner and yoga.

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