First day at Kushi

Posted in macrobiotics by jill on September 4, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, but here I am again. I’ve taken the month off to volunteer for the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts for the remaining month of the summer and will be assisting in the kitchen.

My first day was mostly travel. KI is located in Becket, near the Berkshires. The view here is incredible, and I plan to go hiking at least once during my stay here. Today, however, entailed walking around campus and then starting my first shift. The kitchen has a very specific way of organizing food, but it was interesting to see all the ingredients in the basement and preparing the food. I even wheeled compost via wheelbarrow – a first and very novel experience.

Here’s my first meal – a little fish, some kale, daikon, pickles, miso and an excellent dessert. I need to ask one of the chefs for her recipe.

This morning, after an 8am breakfast, I wandered around campus and found my new reading spot. I am very pleased about this and almost fell asleep on the soft grass.

And the view from my room, which is amazing. The evening breeze is blowing through the window accompanied by the sounds of rainwater going through the pipes in the old house. In a distance are the remains of a gorgeous sunset. The air is fragrance and crisp and I am so glad I made it here.

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